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My Services

Providing Service For You, Your Team, and Your Company

Coaching: 1-on-1

1-on-1 is guided by you and for you. You take the lead. We will share experiences and knowledge towards answering the big question: where do you want this to go and what are your objectives? Once that is established, I will propose a battle plan in order to get you there, tracking your progress along the way. I offer a 3 month, 6 month and yearly plan for 1-on-1 coaching. I also give the option to test the waters with a free 2-week consultation to find out if my mentorship is a good fit for what you want to accomplish. 

Coaching: Group

Group Coaching is based around the unique abilities of each individual participating. Defining that ability and applying it to your work within your business, your team, and your household. Each member will work towards a common goal and keep each other accountable in making progress. I will provide action plans and conflict resolution towards reaching the goals of the group and the individual. 

Event Speaking

The name of game: finding a balance between business and family life. I will speak on my personal story, failures and successes, the purpose for writing my book, and the steps you and your team can take for finding a balance of your own. I will speak to any entrepreneur, father, business owner, team, or anyone who found their own connection with my story. 

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